Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Everyday...every single day

I am finishing up Day 5 of my water-only fast, and I'm hoping this will be a long fast. While I'm fasting, I don't have any culinary delights to photograph and share with you, but I am busy doing planning for the things I'm going to do when I come off the fast. Whatever weight I lose, I don't want to gain it all back or lose all the health benefits.

So I've been trying to organize what I've learned about health and nutrition, especially supplements I want to take daily until my health issues have resolved.

Here's my list so far of what I plan to take daily (only some of them have brands because on the ones without brands, I'm still trying different ones and exploring):

Liquid Extracts:

Half-Hill Farm red reishi mushroom dual extract
Turmeric extract by Herb Pharm
Ashwagandha extract by Banyan Botanicals
Healthy Liver Tonic by Herb Pharm
Goldenseal Extract by Herb Pharm


New Chapter Whole Fish Oil (from wild-caught salmon)
plus sardines for Omega 3s
VitaCost GlucoPower (a multi-vitamin-mineral-herb blend for diabetics)
plus papaya and pineapple daily for enzymes
Proteolytic Enzymes between meals

Sublingual Supplements:

Methyl B-12
Vitamin D with K2

Cold Pressed (Virgin) Organic Essential Oils:

Frankincense (external only)
Occasional Oregano (internal and external)
Black Cumin Seed-Pumpkin Seed Oil Mix from Amazing Herbs
Sesame Oil (especially helpful for blood pressure)


Miso Master Fresh Miso from Refrigerator Case at Health Food Stores
homemade beet kvass
occasional sauerkraut
occasional kombucha


Fenugreek Seed Tea
Pau D'Arco Tea
Green Tea
White Tea
Hawthorne Tea
Hibiscus Tea

Miscellaneous Specialty Supplements:

Liquid Liposomal Vitamin C from Liponaturals
Unmodified Potato Starch (raw mixed in water)
Brain Octane Oil (pure C8 caprylic acid) from Bulletproof
Dried Astragalus from Rose Mountain Herbs (I throw some in everything I cook)
Ox Bile
Unsweetened Organic Cocoa Powder or Raw Cacao Powder

I'm also still researching berberine with naringin, bitter melon and schizandra...and others like true licorice root, milk thistle and Kyolic aged garlic blood pressure formula. I'll make additions to this list, so you can refer back to it often for updates. Eventually, each thing on this list will be a link to a page describing why it's important, what research I've done, what brands might be best, etc.

I'm also thinking about how to plan my meals and which foods I want to include DAILY. Here's my thinking so far, and please feel free to chime in, make suggestions, ask questions, or tell me why you think something might be a bad idea.

I've decided my diet plan needs to include mostly veggies, with healthy fats, sprouted nuts and seeds, and very small servings of fruit and protein (meat, beans, etc.).My grain intake will be almost non-existent except for occasional white rice or the small amount of amaranth or quinoa in my morning superfood pumpkin muffin.

So a sample meal might be my okra-onion-shrimp dish...or a big salad with lots of types of greens and raw veggies coated with my special superfood dressing (which includes anchovies, raw lemon, raw garlic, sunflower seeds and all kinds of superfoods). It might be a recipe from a rastafarian vegetarian website a friend found me with great veggie dishes seasoned delightfully. It might be a huge bowl of my superfood split pea soup. How about a bowl of my superfood turkey pot pie soup (I'll get you that recipe in time for Thanksgiving). It might be a huge platter of steamed asparagus dripping with homemade hollandaise (and the eggs in the sauce make for the protein in that meal). Very rarely, I'll allow myself to eat whatever I want: bbq beef brisket, a ribeye steak and stuffed baked potata, fried catfish, gumbo, anything. As long as it's rarely.

But on a daily basis, here's my list so far:.


bulk amount of veggies
cooked onions or garlic or both
fresh ginger and fresh turmeric when available (I'm learning how to "candy" slices of ginger and turmeric for when I have a sweet tooth)
healthy fats like avocado (fruit or oil), grass-fed butter or ghee, coconut oil, etc.
small fish (anchovies or sardines for Vitamin D and Omega 3s)
leafy greens in some form (even if just a tbsp of organic dried parsley or green food supplement) but best choices are dandelion greens, watercress, mustard greens, turnip greens, beet greens, kale or collards (spinach is WORST choice)
organic raw cacoa or cocoa powder
daily superfood pumpkin muffin (see post coming up)
ceylon cinnamon (powder or oil) for blood sugar/insulin control and cardamom
soluble and insoluble fiber (especially from veggies in mucilage family like asparagus or okra)
apple cider vinegar
raw lemon juice
raw garlic and raw onion
1/2 avocado
protein source from sprouted beans/lentils or organic grass-fed meat or poultry (optional, in addition to mandatory daily small fish)
seeds to alternate daily: sprouted sunflower seeds for Vitamin E, pumpkin seeds, walnuts
2 brazil nuts for selenium
small serving of pineapple or papaya interchangeable, plus either kiwi, apple or blueberries (choose one) daily
turmeric (either in tincture, warm milk or cooked dish)
fermented foods (beet kvass, non-pasteurized sauerkraut, miso, etc.)
CLA from grass-fed fermented dairy (like pecorino romano cheese)
peppers of some kind (chili peppers, black pepper and cayenne pepper)
celery seed and celery

What do you think? Give me thoughts, ideas, etc.

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