Tuesday, July 5, 2016

An Incredible Time-Limited Find for your Healthy Lifestyle--Trust me!

Before you read this, be warned: the amazing deal I found on Amazon was gone the day after I posted this. They changed the price from $5.55 for 6 boxes to over $23 for 6 boxes. Sigh. I hope some of you got the same great deal I got.

But read the post anyway. You need to know this information about GMOs and cornstarch.

Check Amazon for the cheapest price you can find on Rapunzel Corn Starch, but if you can't find it cheap like it was the other day, you can always get it from Tropical Traditions at $3.59 a box. And you can buy 12 boxes from Tropical Traditions to get the price even lower, $2.87, but who wants 12 boxes of cornstarch? Please email me at theagelesslife@gmail.com if you buy from them after reading this post. They're supposed to give me $25 in product for every new customer I send them. I don't know if that really works. If it does, I'll let you know and show you how you can refer your friends. They're a small company, seem to have high-integrity, they test the products they sell for the presence of glysophates, and oftentimes they're cheaper than Amazon. But I'd like to know if their referral program really works. If it does and we all start buying from them, we'll all make enough to pay for our cornstarch. :)

I can remember--in the days before GMOs--when the image of cornfields blowing in the wind was a bucolic ideal. It brought memories of corn mazes in the fall, corn on the cob, making doll hair with the silky strands inside the corn husk...

Now, I just think about how bad GMO corn is for us.

I mean, I needed cornstarch to thicken my turkey gravy a couple years ago at Thanksgiving and I realized even our cornstarch is GMO poison.

There are healthier ways to thicken things, but sometimes you just want to do the simple thing and reach in your cabinet and use a teaspoon of cornstarch. But nothing is simple anymore. Not even corn on the cob or dagblasted cornstarch. Don't you wanna cry?

Then I discovered Rapunzel organic cornstarch. Could it be? Organic? Non-GMO? No, too good to be true.

Then I saw the price and realized it was too good to be true. It was like over $3 a box. But I bought a six-pack of it and gave a box to my mother and two daughters and kept the other boxes for myself. I never bought any after that. It was just too expensive. I used alternatives.

But right now, on Amazon, they are selling that six-pack of Rapunzel Organic Corn Starch for $5.55. That's less than a dollar a box. Oh my. I use corn starch in my homemade deodorant and it's useful for so many other things. 

Hurry. Grab it. I make no commission off of this (it's Amazon, nobody makes a commission), but this is just an awesome deal like I've never seen before on something everybody needs to replace in their pantry.

Organic non-GMO cornstarch for less than a dollar a box.

Let me know how you like it. Here's the link to go order it.

If you don't have Amazon Prime (to get free two-day shipping), you can still get free regular shipping if you spend $49 or more on an Amazon order if you buy eligible items. This is an eligible item. 

While you're on Amazon, looking for things to buy that are healthy to make up that other $43 so you can get free shipping (if you're anything like me) I'll tell you some of my favorite things to order either because they're great deals or because they're great for you and this is the cheapest I've found them: 

(if you want to see the item or order it, click on the brown text because it's a live link to that item on Amazon)

My favorite Vitamin D supplement--THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SUPPLEMENT YOU CAN BUY It's a good idea to have your doctor check your D levels. Most people are surprised to find they are way low and it can be hard to bring it up into normal ranges. Google Vitamin D deficiency on Dr. Mercola's website and you'll learn more than you ever wanted to know about Vitamin D. This is the best supplement I've found (it has K2 and is a good dose of D from a highly-reputable company at a decent price).

My favorite organic canned pumpkin Since pumpkin pie is my go-to dessert (did you read the post A Midsummer Night's Dream?) I buy pumpkin in bulk. It's a super duper food, extremely high in fiber, and you can put it in anything as a thickener. I put it in chili, in spaghetti sauce--anything that needs thickening (except turkey gravy for which I like cornstarch, but  alas I digress). Add pumpkin to anything that needs substance and more nutrients and fiber (which is just about everything). Vets even tell people to feed it to their dogs when their health is failing. Ask your vet about pumpkin if you don't believe me. (Your doctor probably won't have a clue).

A good zinc supplement (most of us are deficient) I learned about the importance of Zinc when a friend recommended Airborne and I looked and realized the main ingredient was Zinc. I used to take Vitamin C to ward off a cold when it started (or was going around) but Zinc is the key. Now I take C and Zinc when I first feel a cold coming on. I never get colds anymore.

A good basic enzyme to take with every meal (there's a post coming up on this, so just get them) The post I'm going to write on enzymes is probably the most important post I will write. Enzymes are essential. There are levels to enzyme supplementation, but this is the first level. Start here. Pop a couple of these with your first bite of food at every meal. You'll go through a lot of them doing this, so I found this huge bottle, cheaper here than anywhere else, and it's a good enzyme formula. We lose enzymes as we age. There are three things that digest our food and give us the nutrients we need--good bacteria (or probiotics), enzymes and bile acid from your liver/gallbladder. 

Organic Prunes in Bulk (no pun intended)...wait til you hear about the studies on what prunes do for you EAT YOUR PRUNES It goes way beyond helping you move your bowels. I had started experimenting with figs and dates (known superfoods) but the simple little prune outperforms them all in many nutritional areas that have nothing to do with fiber. I was amazed. The thing is, they're dried plums (which means CONCENTRATED), so if you don't buy organic prunes, you're getting concentrated pesticides. Not good. If you don't get them organic, don't get them at all. I had stopped eating them for that reason, but then I found these organic ones and they come in bulk so they're semi-affordable.

I could go on and on. If you want more Amazon shopping suggesttions, just email me or leave a comment. Some things I've found cheaper at the "new Amazon"...it's called Jet. And I found some hellacious deals there on certain items, but on the items listed above, Amazon is cheaper.

I prefer to shop locally when I can, but in my part of the country, I haven't found any of these items locally. From the research I've done, these items are all high-quality and offer things others don't offer--and yet still remain priced within reason.


  1. As of today (July 7), the price on Amazin is $22.90 for a six-pack.

  2. Yep, I know, Tom. I hope lots of people grabbed it on the day I posted it. It was a great deal while it lasted. Some people must have gotten it because now they have a note saying they only have a few left, maybe six, but the price is in the $20s instead of the $5.55 it was at the day I posted this post. I added a note to the top of this post warning people they changed the price after I posted this. I still hope they read it. Most people don't even think about GMO corn in their cornstarch and how bad it is for them.