Thursday, July 7, 2016

I need your input on this one

A loyal reader (who is one of my dearest cousins and a sweet friend from my earliest childhood) asked me to pen my thoughts on water.

Simple H20?

Oh, but she's right. There is nothing simple these days on the question of water. You have to ask yourself: what kind to drink, how often to drink, how much to drink, what container to drink it in... The conundrums of drinking water. And then there's the issue of your bathing water (since the skin absorbs more water in a shower than you drink in a week).

What's a body to do?

I've done lots of research on this in the past, and in the end, I bought a house in the boonies with well water that is so pristine and loaded with actually tastes good. I can drink right out of my faucet. What a luxury that is in this day and age. But not everyone has good water. Most of us don't.

So tell me what you've come up with...your ideas for healthy water consumption. Below are some of my thoughts, but challenge me. Bring up points and solutions I haven't thought of.

To start the discussion, not having done much new research yet, here are my thoughts:

City water is just bad. They treat it with unnatural chemicals most times, add fluoride and chlorinate it. Now, you can check what your city does to your water...maybe they don't add chemicals. Check it out. And if all they do is chlorinate it, did you know that leaving it sitting open on your cabinet for a few hours will allow the chlorine to evaporate...has anybody else heard that? I'll do some research.

Filters? Aargh. Who hasn't read about how water that goes through dirty filters is worse than unfiltered water. Then there's the question of whether the filter actually does anything. Sometimes filters have your water running through plastics and other chemically-laden parts that are worse than what is in your tap water. I have a friend who I watch drink water out of her refrigerator, day in and day out, and she didn't know she needed to change the filter. She'd been drinking that water for years. Omigod. "Filter?" she asked quizzically when I asked how expensive the filters were.

City water is bad, but bottled water is a TERRIBLE's usually just city water put in a plastic bottle...worse for you than drinking from the tap. Even if it's good water, like Evian, all those bottles end up in our landfills. And you gotta figure, all those plastic bottles sit in hot trucks and in the heat, all the chemicals from the plastic leach in to the water...just awful. I'll sometimes buy Perrier in glass bottles when I can afford it, but who can afford that for all their drinking water needs?

And what about cooking water? Those big pots of soup I make. No sense putting organic veggies in there if the water they're simmering in is toxic.

Then there are the issues of what to drink your water out of? BPA free plastic water bottle or a stainless steel lined water bottle? Let's discuss that. Give me your thoughts.

Then there's bathing and your water. And ya'll can probably think of issues I haven't even thought of.

Like I said in the strawberry post, there are some people who think the reason diseases like cancer and diabetes are rampant, the reason autoimmune diseases have formerly-healthy people unable to get out of bed, the reason our digestive systems (and appetites) are so out of control, is not because we are weak-willed lazy human beings but because of all the chemicals disrupting our endocrine and hormone systems. I want to repeat this cause it's the most important thing I've said so far in this blog. We're sick. We're out of balance. Never in history have there been so many sick, overweight people in this country. I used to be one of the few fat people. Now I'm surrounded by them. There are people in their 40s who can't walk around Walmart and have to ride in a little car. Something is doing this to people. There can't be that many lazy gluttonous people. There didn't used to be. Teenage boys have breasts. Our hormones are out of whack because of plastics and chemicals in our shampoo and GMOs and pesticides and preservatives and BPA (and the other chemicals in cans that are also bad for us).

And lots of those chemicals are getting to us in our water.

Please email me your thoughts at and tell me if you want your post to be private or if I can use your quotes and your name in the post I end up writing.

Please write to me and share what you think. And we'll continue this discussion on water as time goes on.

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