Friday, July 15, 2016

one minute superfood: miso

Not all of you have time for my long-winded posts, so I want to get nuggets of info into you too. It's like the difference between a seven-course meal served at my table...versus stuffing a superfood mini-muffin in your mouth as you run out the door with your cup of coffee. Sometimes one is nice, sometimes you prefer the other.

So when you see the moniker ONE MINUTE SUPERFOOD, just quickly scan the post and tuck the knowledge away for later. This is going to be the longest one because it's the first and it's a two-fer (you've heard the term? 2-for-1?)

Today, your first one-minute superfood is miso. That's the stuff that protected people from radiation poisoning after Hiroshima. If you haven't heard the stories, google it. Some sites will tell you it's urban legend, other sites give documented proof, but either way, everything you read will tell you miso is good for you.

Everybody's telling you to avoid soy. That's the latest thinking. Don't you hate it when they tell you something is bad for you like coconut oil, then suddenly it's a miraculous superfood. Well, the health food movement told us soy was good for us (tofu, tempeh, soy cheese, etc.) for DECADES and let us eat it and feed our estrogen-dominance and end up with hormonal cancers. Now they tell us it's a bad choice.

But fermented soy is the exception. Natto and miso are both fermented soy products, but they are both still superfoods. Even at the height of the anti-soy movement, miso is king.

It's also a cheap way to get your probiotics if you can't afford $40-140 bottles of healthy bacteria.

I wouldn't count on the miso soup at the sushi restaurant to do it. Most kitchen workers don't know that boiling your miso soup kills all the beneficial bacteria and renders it useless. Also it's so diluted in restaurants. As for the dry packets of instant miso soup, tell me you really didn't think that could be good for you...

It's got to be live.

Go to your local health food store, look for Miso Master red miso, keep it in your icebox, and everyday (or every few days if you're like me), eat a tablespoon of miso. You can make a soup like I have pictured above with all kinds of superfoods in it, just make sure you don't add the miso until you fix your bowl of soup. Stir it into your cooling bowl of soup. Wait until it's almost lukewarm for best results.

Or you can use my KISS-method (keep it simple, stupid): boil some water, let it cool down some so it won't kill the bacteria, then pour it into a coffee cup with your spoonful of miso. Stir it til it dissolves and drink it like you'd drink tea. Make it a habit.

Speaking of tea, while you're boiling and cooling water, boil enough to fill a second cup of coffee with boiling-then-cooled water for your green tea. Let your green tea steep for 15 minutes while you're having your miso. It's a refreshing follow-up and a superfood powerhouse. That's what makes this post a two-fer. I probably won't do a one-minute superfood post on green tea because everybody already knows that. I can make this post a three-fer by telling you I like to put a little raw honey into my lukewarm green tea before drinking it. Find a good source of local raw honey because that's also a superfood you should have in your cabinet. We can make it a four-fer if you add some fresh lemon juice to that lukewarm cup of tea. Remember, high heat destroys the benefits in all four of these superfoods.

I promise all the other one-minute superfoods will be short and able to be read in one minute. My only excuse this first time is that is was a four-fer. Time it. It should have taken you no more than four minutes to read this post. Most people read at a rate of 200 wpm. This post has roughly 650 words in it so far. So it actually probably only took you a little over 3 minutes to read this.

Miso, green tea, local raw honey and fresh lemon juice. Ideally every day. Make it a habit. Success in our journey is about replacing all of our bad habits with good ones. Once they are habits, we're on autopilot healing ourselves, instead of how we've been in the past, on autopilot killing ourselves.

Also, you can add whatever other superfoods to your cup of miso...raw garlic, ghee, dried organic parsley, ginger root, turmeric, watercress, green onions, a dash of bone broth...get creative. Just get 'em down the hatch and watch your superhealthy self manifest before your eyes. Keep adding one superfood after another into your daily routine. Keep 'em handy. You got one minute? Eat one superfood.

I never have been able to stop myself from eating. But I am really good at forcing myself to eat. So I play on that strength. If I force myself to eat superfoods regularly, my body has so much nutrition that I will never be hungry due to my body's cries for nutrients. And when you get in the habit of regularly doing things like throwing a handful of raw sprouted pumpkin seeds in your mouth or drinking green tea with raw honey, lemon and ginger, you're so full you can't bear to think about food. You're also so focused on what you are supposed to have that you stop obsessing about what you can't have. And you'll just find you're eating less bad food and more good food. The healthier it gets, your body will start to crave the good things.

FORCE YOURSELF TO EAT SUPERFOODS. That's the essence of my one-minute superfood series. Okay, we're probably past five minutes now. Let me shut up.

I think this may be one of the longest posts I've written actually. Good going, Donnagail.

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