Tuesday, July 5, 2016

And tomorrow I get fresh-caught trout! Stay tuned for that.

Yes, in the next couple of days, you'll see photos of my pan-fried trout, fresh-caught in the streams of Virginia. Doesn't that sound heavenly? And so good for me too. Did you know wild-caught trout is one of the few fish--like wild-caught salmon and sardines--that is high in Omega 3 fatty acids? It's just too good to be true. Something that good that is also good for me.

But instead of thinking about trout and all its healthy benefits, you know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking about how I've been craving roasted duck since I saw my Louisiana cousin Todd's pictures on Facebook. He's a duck hunter and he says when I next go home to visit, he'll take me duck hunting. Look at this picture of my crazy little cousin. Just looking at his joy makes you want to eat roast duck with him, doesn't it? My mom used to roast fresh Louisiana duck with mushrooms. It was to die for.

You see that's the kind of conundrum you face when you are a food addict. Even when you like what's for dinner--even when it is fresh trout and it is a balm to your healing body--nothing sounds better than the one thing you don't need.

Not that duck is bad for you. Duck fat has some profound health benefits. But it is so calorically dense that I probably should wait until I reduce my body weight substantially before I start eating duck.

I mean, when I eat duck, I can EAT some duck. I was just telling someone tonight  about how I have the same problem with my special "for Donna Gail's eyes only" recipe for BBQ chicken. It's very healthy. The problem is that it's just too good. And when I make it, I eat too much of it.

I can have duck. Just not right now. Not when I'm trying so hard to take off this weight that is killing me.

But no... Does my duck-addled brain hear reason? All I can think about is duck and that crispy skin on the breast with crispy mushrooms stuck to it...

Well, until I go see Todd and have my fresh duck, I will just be grateful for fresh-caught trout. Stay tuned for the photos. Of the trout this week. And of the duck in a few months when I reach my first major goal in my weight loss.

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