Sunday, July 10, 2016

If there was only one supplement I could buy, it would be this...

There are many important herbs, vitamins, tinctures and other supplements that have been crucial to my healing in this past year, but if I had to pick one, hands down, I have no doubt which one I would pick. I just got it but I've known for the past year I needed to order it.

No matter what is wrong with you, this supplement will not only help, but it will help HUGELY and you may even notice the difference within days. My daughter (skeptical always of my latest finds) tried it the first few days after I got it in and she'd been really sick. Suddenly (within 3 days) she was well and her energy levels skyrocketed. Even her allergy symptoms improved. She designed and built a new garden in her yard within days of starting this supplement. I don't think she credits me or my supplement with this sudden, radical change in how she was feeling, but everybody else noticed it.

This supplement does everything from stop the body from creating new fat cells (yes, there are very recent studies that prove it) to reversing stage 4 cancers. There's research on its benefits in Alzheimers patients and it eases the symptoms and pain of arthritis--noticeably. Truly, this is a wonder-supplement. Email me and I will give you links to the studies and websites detailing the myriad of benefits of this supplement.

I had a horrible infection in my gums, and it started healing and stopped hurting within minutes of my very first dose. Noticeably.

If you don't believe me, just try it. They say it takes a couple of months of taking it daily to gauge its impact, but I felt it changing things after the first dose. I've never said that about any supplement ever. After you've tried it a couple of months, please, please, please, comment on this post about what happened. I want people to know it's not just me saying this. It really is a miracle-cure for so many things.

How does it work on everything? It's what's called an adaptogen. Google the word adaptogen.

I knew it was good. I'd been researching it for years, but I'd never tried it. The problem is, it is mostly grown in China and Japan and there are issues in both countries with industrial, chemical and nuclear pollution. Some of the recent testing on this supplement showed traces of cadmium and lead and other pollutants. Not good.

No use taking an ancient healing wonder supplement if it's contaminated.

Also, some of the ways it's manufactured (ground up in powder and taken internally) are not the best ways to take it and it's pretty much non-absorbable in our bodies. Those are the cheaper versions. The ancient way it was taken was in a tincture form--steam-distilled or tinctured in alcohol. You have to really trust your manufacturer, though, because tinctures can be so diluted they are useless or the process can be improperly conducted.

And I knew I didn't want a contaminated tincture of this stuff from China.

So I started researching and I finally found a small little organic farmer in Tennessee who was growing these mushrooms from the far east on his little farm and in his pristine patch of woods and making a tincture from a dual process of steam-distillation and alcohol. I was delighted.

There is only one product link on my blog site and it's the link to this little farm. The little link sits up on the right hand side of my blog above my photo and my "about me" section. Click there and go order the red reishi extract. Read the links and articles on his website, then just go google red reishi.

It's $42 for 100 ml, so it's kind of expensive. My daughter and I went through it in a week. I wish I'd bought the 200 ml bottle for $75. I've got a coupon code for 10% off so if you want to buy some, just email me and I'll send it to you. I want to hear back from you if it works for you too. I want the "proof" so people will understand how much this can help them and try it.

Keep me posted either through the comments on this post or by email at

Go now. Look on the top right of my blog's main page above my photo. You'll see the link to his little farm's website.

And be sure to join their affiliate program. They are so small, no one had ever become an affiliate and promoted their products, so the little fella wasn't sure how it all worked. I was his very first affiliate. Without any incentive, I've been promoting the product for six months because I knew it was good and I wanted him to stay afloat and keep making it until I could afford to start buying it. Then I asked him how his affiliate program worked and finally I realized, I could get my red reishi for free from telling people about it. So we started figuring out the tech-kinks in his automated affiliate program. The kinks should be worked out for signing on, but we're still playing with all of it. Give us a couple of months before you try to sign on as an affiliate. By then, you'll be hooked on the red reishi too and want to promote it to get yours for free. It is kind of expensive, and since you'll be telling all your friends about it anyway, you might as well get some red reishi in return for all the friends you tell.

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