Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Sweet Sixteen

I recently wrote a long, detailed post entitled Everything you need to know about hunger control... 

It has more valuable information in it than anything I've written. It gives the big picture of where we're going with this blog. Unfortunately, it holds first place for the LEAST NUMBER OF VIEWS of all my posts on this blog. Even the post announcing the blog's new Facebook page got more views.

The problem is, I kept referencing things I said in that post, and nobody knows what I'm talking about.

Like my Sweet Sixteen List. To make your journey easier, here's a post that contains nothing but the Sweet Sixteen List so you can access it easily when you want to look at it. (Some people decided to print it out).

When I started this blog a month ago, it was because I'd been doing LOTS of research this past year after my cancer surgery, and I wanted a way to keep track of what I was learning.

I decided to do an experiment. I decided I would try to incorporate--all at the same time--everything I'd been learning while I was writing the blog. I might not be able to do it for the rest of my life, but my goal was to try, for a limited time, to do everything right.

Doing everything right would mean I would have to:
  1. stop eating fast food
  2. avoid exposure to chemicals, plastics, hormones, and anti-biotics (including plastic food storage containers, chlorinated water and anti-bacterial soaps, chemical-laden personal care products like toothpaste and shampoo, GMO-foods, etc.)
  3. eat much smaller amounts of organic grass-fed meats (avoid commercial non-organic meats at all costs due to hormones, antibiotics and processing)
  4. cut out all unhealthy processed vegetable oils (canola, vegetable/soy, peanut, etc.)
  5. increase healthy fats (avocado and its oil, coconut and its oil, grass-fed butter especially raw butter, organic grass-fed lard or tallow, etc.)
  6. cut out all commercial dairy and eat only grass-fed fermented dairy (like grass-fed and organic kefir, cheese and yogurt) or grass-fed butter and ghee
  7. eat vegetables and eat VOLUMES of vegetables
  8. eat only soaked and SPROUTED beans and lentils (and sprouted bean flours)
  9. eat no grains except occasional white rice (use sprouted amaranth, coconut flour, sprouted bean flours and ground flax to replace grains)
  10. avoid all processed foods (that means NO PROCESSED FOODS AT ALL)
  11. minimize all canned foods (even BPA-free) except canned sardines, salmon and oysters
  12. stay away from restaurants until the weight is gone (and if unavoidable, try to eat fish and vegetables or salad)
  13. stay away from all sugar except in the form of organic blackstrap molasses, prunes, figs, very small amounts of raw honey, powdered raw stevia leaf (not the processed white powder stevia, the good stuff is green), and ceylon cinnamon oil (which imparts a sweet taste)...if it gets desperate, use raw organic evaporated cane sugar sprinkled on top of berries before losing control and eating a whole chocolate cake
  14. speaking of chocolate cake, allow treats like that on holidays only but consume dark chocolate in a healthy form (email me at if you want healthy chocolate recipes)
  15. take all the supplements you know are good all at the same time and do it consistently while following all of the above guidelines for eating
  16. walk 45 minutes five days a week, with HIRT, and build upper-body muscle strength through low-weight/high reps weight lifting
Print that list out. It is my Sweet Sixteen List and it is at the core of what is working for me right now. 

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